Naked Kate Hudson shows off her bare bum – is Nick Jonas jealous yet?

A cheeky pal of Kate Hudson’s took this steamy picture of her naked bum – but is it all to make Nick Jonas jealous?


Almost Famous star Kate Hudson is becoming famous for her incredible body – as this steamy shot of her naked shows.

Kate whose mum and step dad are Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell was pictured in the bath by her stylist pal.

According to Kate she was relaxing face down in the bath with bubble strategically covering her boobs and her perfect bot just above water.

Completely unawares her pal Sophie Lopez sneaked in and took the candid shot before uploading it to Instagram.

ophie posted the pic saying “just another day at the office” and emojis of a bath, a heart and a peach (see what you did there.)

Kate replied saying: “OMG! You’re so fired!”

But Sophie replied: “I think you mean promoted!”

But there is another theory – that Kate knew only darn well that the picture was being taken and posted.

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Hard to believe we know, but bear with us.

According to US magazine, the actress posed for the pic in a bid to make her ex Nick Jonas jealous.

And it looks like her revenge body is enough to get anybody into a lather.

A source claimed: ““Their connection took off. Things just sparked.”

“They are both just having fun. She’s just seeing this as a fun hookup thing for now.”

Your move Jonas.

Net Worth‎: ‎$80 Million

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